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Default Need help equipping for a live event


New Livestream user here looking for some guidance streaming a one-night (8 hours) event happening in a couple weeks. It's an art opening with many (upwards of 30) pieces, each with a unique audio/performance element.

We are using four to six Zoom Q3HD cameras setup in static positions to capture the event. here's a link if you are unfamiliar:

It's basically a flip cam with better audio.

So. I guess I'm looking for recommendations to build my uplink stations. The space has three floors, so I was thinking I'd have one station a floor, to save on cables. This setup, however, assumes that multiple cameras can run to a single computer.

We have a little money to play with ($2k, cameras are a donation), so here's a list of gear I'm thinking. If anybody out there can help me out with feedback, it would be a great help. We're going into the space next Monday (January 17, 2011) to set up, so I want to get everything together this week.

The List:
6 Zoom Q3HD cameras (donated)

3 cheapo laptops (w/ethernet ports or wireless cards)
- 3 floors, so I'm thinking one laptop per floor

Some kind of mobile internet solution
- mobile 4G hotspot or 3 cards per computer

Lot of cables

Cards - how would this work? These cams are going to be mounted high for good angles, but running for many hours. Does anyone know how to handle running the video to the computers without actually filling up cards? I imagine it's a camera specific question, but any thoughts would help.

Bateries, etc.

OK! Thanks everybody. Looking forward to hear from you all.
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