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Cool getCurrentContentTitle returning channel name / bitrate

hello lovestream. in june i created a script using your guide ( to use some of the extra features not used in the current versions of the standard livestream player wrapper.

the main thing i wanted to do with this script was use getCurrentContentTitle to pull the name of the current broadcaster and display it for viewers. this worked perfectly until a few days ago i noticed some members of a broadcast team suddenly would cause the stream title to become the channel name followed by the bitrate of the stream.

in other words, it now displays "channelname 152kbps" instead of the usual "person's camera [procaster]"

the thing is these same members' livestream names used to show up fine until a few days ago.

was there a strange update to the way livestream titles streams? if so, i'd just like to let you know i prefer the "person's name [livestream]" naming method over the channel name bitrate type, since we can call the channel name with getChannelFullName already.


EDIT: forgot to mention, this only affects some people. most of the streamers still return the normal "person's camera [procaster]" type of stream title, which confuses me.

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