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Games: Medal of Honor - Multiplayer, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Vietnam), Metro 2033, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Just Cause 2
Are they supported?: I would guess not, since they are not working. Link to list of certified games would be handy.
Problems: MoH, BF:BC2, Metro 2033 and JC2 will not even display the Procaster HUD, though pressing Ctrl+F1 seemingly starts a recording, but it will only show up as a black screen in the Studio with no audio getting through. Amnesia crashes when Procaster is running with it. There are also certain games wich will not recognize the Ctrl+F1 shortcut (Assassin's Creed II in example) after the new update with the chat integration.


Futher information: Running on; ASUS Crosshair IV Formula, AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE (standard clock @3.4Ghz), Radeon HD 5970 2GB, OCZ Black Edition DDR3 1600Mhz CL8 4GB (2x2048MB).


I'd also like to say that the new version of Procaster is definately a step forwards, as the games no longer crash if Procaster is running before they are launched. It seems far less resource and bandwidth intensive as well, so good job to the devs on that. I can add that I can't get the Chat functions that was added to work though, wich would've been handy when streaming in fullscreen. Then again, I do typically use my voice to interact with whoever is watching.

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