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Default Procaster usage under Linux

Hey guys,
I have the same problems, like everybody has, that wants to use Linux (Fedora 13) and Flash to stream live. I saw, that you recommended the usage of the procaster tool with an WineHq emulation and i tried it. But here comes some problems, I hope you can help .
At the wine forums I found this:
Ok, I have windows, so I copied "wininet.dll" to the virtual Procaster directory and changed my wine config to "native". After this, the console told me that there is an depency between "wininet.dll" and "normaliz.dll" and "iertutil.dll", so I copied both to the procaster directory and also changed the wine config to "native". After a next try, the console told me, that you also need "urlmon.dll" and so I did with this driver the same procedure. But now, procaster starts as if I hadn't done this whole overloading and I can't log in. Do you have an idea?
Greets from germany
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