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Originally Posted by thesportstalkshow View Post
when setting up account and it asks if you wanna use the livestream chat or facebook chat or twitter, what does that mean? for instance if i select facebook if the viewers are already members on facebook can than chat right from there? because i know if you select livestream they have to sign up for a account with livestream.
I Don't think it is true that you have to sign up with livestream to use the livestream chat.
All they need to do is enter a nickname to chat.

There is an option in livestream chat (you must be loged in with the channel owner's livestream user name to change the option) that allows you to restrict chat to livestream users only.
The advantage of the livestream chat is that you can ban users and remove all their messages. I don't think that is available with facebook or twitter chat, but I could be wrong about that.

Another advantage of the livestream chat is that you can invite some users to be chat moderators to help you with banning when chat gets really heavy. Just go to the studio and add some camera operators, they will also be able to moderate chat.

As to using twitter, I can't quite figure it out. For one thing, I use twitter to post scores for six different HS football games. I then display all of the scores using RSS in the ticker on all 8 channels that broadcast the various HS games. If I use twitter for chat all the chat messages show up in the scrolling ticker and wipe out the scores. Also, I end up getting tons of emails and text messages on my cell phone, each containing one line of chat from each channel. On friday night, with six different games going, that results in hundreds of text messages.

I wish I knew more about using twitter and facebook as chat and could find something usefull to do with them, so,,, anyone using them and can explain the advantges, please chime in.
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