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Default How to LIVE Stream ANY camcorder!!! :)

Hey all.

i am pleased to announce how to live stream any camcorder

if you have a camcorder what doesnt have OR Fire wire connections it can be tricky to find the compenents and costly...

But here is the cheapest option.

so if you was going to buy a camcorder with fire wire connection or a fire wire port, or anything costly!!! please dont...

As you can buy a DVR capture card... dont buy from any main store as they are like 60 - 70 pounds but go onto ebay... and you can pick them up for 10 - 20 usd.. search for "grabber usb audio video"

once that as come.. connect your AV cable with your camcorder into the DVR card, some DVR cards come with a direct slot into your camcorder but if not.. just connect the supplied AV cable from your camcorder into the DVR...

Open live stream, click find camera's choose your camera, then open the software from your computer and you will be live from your camcorder.

I hope this saves you money!
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