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Default Here is how I schedule broadcasts

I use a broadcast schedule. It is a bit of a fluff to get set up but I can now post TV listings on my site and have Livestream stick to the schedule. I simply fill in 24 hours of broadcasting in AutoPilot. I re-run live broadcasts or even schedule test pattern for the middle of the night. When I break in for live broadcasts I simply restart AutoPilot at the top or bottom of the next hour after the live broadcast is complete. So far it works for me but I do look forward to the introduction of a timeline manager. I think Livestream is fantastic and I am glad I stumbled onto this site. Keep up the great work. See the example of my station playing on a aschedule at and feel free to email or contact me if what I have explained here does not answer your question "enough" .... thanks. BTW if you might like to have a site like mine I am looking for station masters in Canada and the USA ... I really would like to see what we can do with Livestream, I believe the opportunity is limitless.

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