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Originally Posted by Livonia View Post
I wanted to delete a few test videos but didn't know how. (Just found out about Livestream) Perhaps coming to the forum and the like first would of been a better idea but me being me wanted to do it without help. ^^

Anyway i couldn't figure out how to delete videos but I did see the delete channel. So that's what I did, I figured it would delete all the vidoes and i'd just remake the channel again. However after deleting the channel I can still go to the url and watch the videos. Also I can't remake the channel as the url is in use. Don't I feel stupid.

I was wondering if anyone could fill me in. Do the channels actually get deleted/is it at a set time each day/can I ever get the url back?

Any info would be appriciated. Thanks.
I have restored your channel. You can delete any video by clicking on the "x" on the upper right hand corner of each video under the "Manage library” tab in studio.

More information on deleting clips can be found here:
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