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Default I add my voice to yours

Yesterday I was livestreaming to a group of 100 students and I was told there were at least two video ads that hijacked the entire screen. I do not mind this being played before the show starts. I do not mind this running after the show. I do not mind the banner ads. But I am extremly concerned espcially so that we do not know when Livestream will do it and the content may not be appropriate at all for the audiance.

I have spent the last two months evaluating both Ustream and Livestream. I have decided to go with Livestream despite the unstability issues. The main reason is because it has more powerful features than UStream. But if this continues I will switch to UStream. I will be able to get many of the powerful features I am now getting with Livestream using a third party software with a little bit of tweeking.
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