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Ads are a fact of life...Totaly interrupting a live interveiw or session that my veiwers can not miss a part of when we are streaming live is THE MAJOR reason we will be moving on! (I am losing veiwers). I hoped this program was a keeper!..(I do not mind paying for this service)...WE will be joining several of my fellow streamers that have moved (because of unstable connections) to u-stream. When I have "my" (not your) veiwers tell me that "the ads are completly interrupting" what/while we are streaming and that it is "useless to continue joining us live!" Rename your service to "rudestream"! This is not the livestream that I put my reputation on the line for. We are looking into doing the pay deal, but we were having issues with stability from livesteams end, as far as quility. Now that we are hijacked every few min. with out us even knowing when an interuption will happen....well, good luck and I hope its not too late for you to recover some faithful broadcasters.

The subject of content of the ads....I could care less as long as it did not interupt our show! The full add at the start was fair....the ad bannors were fair.....but to hijack a live "rude" Not worth "free"...

If YouTube did this, "interrupt" in the middle of a segment, well I would not post to youtube....and if we did not post to youtube.....where would the advertising money go?

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