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I totally agree with the above sentiment. I have had at least 8 different viewers complain. They have brought it to my attention in the span of my 45 minute to 1 hour and 15 minute live broadcasts they see full screen advertisements that last 30 seconds to 1 minute and they can not hear or see what I am explaining in the live feed. I think that if there are going to be full screen ads on the free channels they should be limited to when the auto pilot is on and the length of the ads should be capped at 15 seconds (similar to Hulu). It makes no sense for ads to totally interrupt when it is obvious that a "Live" feed is being broadcast. The whole point of your service is live streaming video, not streaming ads over live content. I have been producing my live weekly show with your service going on for the 3rd year. Please revert the ads that air during live feeds to the text ads that can be expanded if the viewer clicks on it to see more. Also my channel is about cooking, and it would be nice if the ads were at least somewhat related. Thanks, hope to hear a reply about how this issue is being addressed.
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