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Default [Verification Rejection] Possible reconsideration?

After setting up my LiveStream "Lorkeon TV" (a WoW stream at I spent some time making my icon/banner/promo, writing a meaningful description, and getting some videos started for my auto-pilot and VOD. I've put up over 4 hours of auto-pilot content including an Icecrown raid from Saturday. Done hours and hours of live streaming, and even gotten tickers and overlays set up (even got to use them a little).

Since Apr 22 (4 days) I've had 51 viewer hours--and that's without being verified/listed. Now, I'm not suggesting that my channel compares to some of the long-established channels I've seen, but I think I compare to this one:

So I'm asking for you to reconsider my verification application, so that I could be listed and possibly attract some viewers! It's kind of frustrating that I spend two days getting my channel organized and presentable as well as spending hours trying different broadcast settings to find optimal quality:bandwidth ratios before applying for verification, and to have it rejected because it's a new channel.

There's 10,000 gaming channels from XFire that are complete trash--I'm just hoping my channel qualifies to be listed in the same guide as those wastes of bandwidth.
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