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Default Verification for Channel was rejected *cry*

Hey Guys,

i applied for a verification for my Channel and it got rejected. So now i am very sad.

I have quite a big audience and would like to ask you if it could be possible to lift my userlimit just a little bit for this evening. So i want to broadcast a "Friday night Special" from Starcraft 2 and me and my commentary colleague have now there Problem that only 50 People can watch tonight. So my people get very sad too

I know that there is not very much footage right now, but if you look into my Youtubechannel ( you will see that there is quite a little community behind. I dont need to get listed etc, but i need a higher userlimit soooooo bad.

So Please be so kind and help me out! You can contact me everytime! And if you need my telephone number that you can call me, it would be no problem. But PLZ help me out!

Hope to hear from you...

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