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Default About Channel Verification being rejected


I received a message that the indianaskywarn2 channel was rejected for verification. Have included the rejection email message below, and would like to know why it was rejected since I have content playing in the autopilot, and the minimum requirements that are listed state that you should have something playing and there is nothing about that it has to be a certain length or file size. All the required information on the verification form was filled out. There was even a detailed explanation given about why the indianaskywarn2 channel should become verified in the supporting notes section.

Thank you for your time,

Indiana Skywarn

Livestream Free Channel Verification
Application not approved for indianaskywarn2
Unfortunately, we cannot approve your application at this time, due to the following
New, inactive or small channel:
The quantity of recorded / uploaded content on your channel is not developed enough
to meet publishing / editorial requirements. Please don't hesitate to
re-submit when your channel grows.
To re-submit your application, please address any issues above before following the
verification link from your 'My Channels' page. In the meantime, we hope you will
continue to enjoy the Livestream Free service for your unverified channel.
Thank you.
— The Livestream Team
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