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MetalGearTwilightJ 23rd September 2012 02:47

Problem with procaster
I am currently running a windows 8 devoloper preview; and before I had not encoutered any errors. I have already re-downloaded the newest Procaster.
Whenever I login, I get the login failed error.
Is it something I'm doing or what?

ernielive 24th September 2012 19:48

Please be sure you're using the latest beta, Procaster 20.3.10. If you've verified your account credentials are correct by logging in to the website, you should also check that access is allowed to ports 80 and 1935 if there is a firewall on your network. Finally, you could try the following:

-Close Producer
-Open Command Prompt
-Type in: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
-Open Producer and try logging in

As Windows 8 is still in developer beta, Procaster is not yet fully supported. For full support, you'll have to hang tight until Windows 8 releases to the public.

Hashire 16th March 2013 21:41

How do you open the command prompt? I'm having the same issue

Henry_live 18th March 2013 11:48


Originally Posted by Hashire (Post 37145)
How do you open the command prompt? I'm having the same issue

You can open command prompt by using the search within your Windows start menu and typing in "Command". The first result should be the Command Prompt window.

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