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johnfarrell 21st September 2012 04:37

What Android is not?
A Java ME implementation — Android applications are written using the Java language,
but they are not run within a Java ME (Mobile Edition) VM, and Java-compiled classes and
executables will not run natively in Android.
Part of the Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS) or the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)
Android runs on an open-source Linux kernel, but, while their goals are similar, Android’s
complete software stack approach goes further than the focus of these standards-defining
Simply an application layer (such as UIQ or S60) — Although Android does include an application
layer, “Android’’ also describes the entire software stack, encompassing the underlying
operating system, the API libraries, and the applications themselves.
A mobile phone handset — Android includes a reference design for mobile handset manufacturers,
but there is no single “Android phone.” Instead, Android has been designed to support
many alternative hardware devices.
Google’s answer to the iPhone — The iPhone is a fully proprietary hardware and software
platform released by a single company (Apple), whereas Android is an open-source
software stack produced and supported by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) and designed
to operate on any compatible device.

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