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suutrackandxc 17th September 2012 16:04

Live video for a running race
I'm looking to buy a camcorder for hopefully less than $500 that gives me the ability to stream live video from the back of a pace vehicle. I have used Ustream's app on my cell phone which works but obviously I want an upgrade. My phone is 4G and the speeds seem to be sufficient for what I need. What I need help with is equipment and then maybe suggestions on how to link it to the internet. I have a wifi tether app on my phone as well so I was thinking of just using a wifi camcorder, linking it to my phone and broadcasting like that. Is that even possible??


ernielive 19th September 2012 14:14


Unfortunately, your proposed workflow wont be a suitable fit to stream to our platform. You'd probably have the most options if you use our New platform, which you can stream to directly from your mobile phone (available now for iOS, coming soon for Android) with the Livestream for Producers app.

You could also use any HDMI output camcorder with the Livestream Broadcaster and wifi or 3G/4G modem to stream directly to a New Livestream event.

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