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LiveMusicStage 17th September 2012 04:44

Custom settings for Multi-bitrate encoding?

is it possible to tweak the Procaster settings to broadcast multiple bitrates (like HD / High / Medium / Mobile) but with custom specifications? The main change we'd like to try is change the video and audio bitrate for the "High" profile and leave the others as-is.

ernielive 19th September 2012 13:27


Unfortunately it is only possible to make custom settings when streaming in a single bit rate at this time.

Handsometim 17th January 2013 23:44

Any Updates?

I'd also like to look at changing some of the MBR details. I understand this is still not possible, now. Do you have plans to make this an option in future?

Many thanks


ernielive 20th January 2013 10:14

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the feedback! This is a popular request and I will add +1 to it for you, however I can't say for certain if this will be added in the future.

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