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marianwojtyla 16th September 2012 09:22

Procaster doesnt show chat messages
Hi I have a little problem with my procaster, when I start a game and procaster in game mode theres everything fine aparat the chat window - I mean the messages from people on my channel are not shown in my chat window in game. What could be a problem? My procaster version is 10.0.125.

ernielive 16th September 2012 16:00


I would suggest upgrading your version of Procaster. Is there any specific reason you are using an outdated version?

marianwojtyla 16th September 2012 16:31

Yes. The CPU usage is lower at that version. So is there any way to have working chat window with the version I use?

marianwojtyla 16th September 2012 18:48

Updated to the latest version, theres still the same problem.

marianwojtyla 17th September 2012 18:25

And why is there such a difference between the latest version and 10.124 in CPU usage?

ernielive 25th September 2012 17:38

What are the exact specs (CPU, RAM) of your encoding computer?

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