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blockjocks 10th September 2012 19:02

Livestream for Producers Live Not Viewable on Android

We livestream a conference each Monday with the Livestream Plugin for Tricaster 850 at 5:30pm cst at the following URL:

We have had two major issues.

1) The AV sync is consistently awful, being off by as much as 2 seconds from start to finish. We have tried all settings options, and have used both hardwired as well as Verizon 4G connection, always > 5mbps upload speed

2) video will not playback live on my Verizon Android Razr Maxx. You see the live video briefly and the black screen with no audio and an upper left "Live" icon from there on. The live video is viewable on iPhone and iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Any thoughts? We used to livestream with excellent AV sync with Akamai and changed to livestream to be IOS compatible, but the audio sync and Android failure has been frustrating.

ernielive 12th September 2012 11:50


I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of the Livestream plugin for Tricaster if you haven't already. After installing please run a few tests and let me know your result.

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