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joeybuddy96 4th September 2012 18:08

"Error Opening Camera"
"Error Opening Camera (it can be busy)." I'm using my Asus webcam, and I've tried setting it to virtual cam, but neither one works. It keeps stopping before the streaming starts. Procaster worked in previous versions, but 20.3 doesn't work. I've tried setting the recording quality to different things, but that didn't do anything.

ernielive 6th September 2012 14:21


Do you have the camera open in any other applications, such as Skype or Hangouts?

RPCStreaming 13th March 2013 15:42

Our Solution
We went through 2 desktops (xp pro sp3 and win 7 ultimate) and a laptop (win 7 premium), 2 video cards (osprey and asus) and a usb converter, and probably 15 versions of procaster, all to no avail. We finally got around this issue and streaming fine by using Adobe Flash Media Encoder. Works great.

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