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YoruHi 4th September 2012 18:03

I've had Procaster for a while, and just this year (or maybe last year) it stopped working for me. Every time I try to stream, it works for about a minute or two, then stops streaming and tells me to set lower bandwidth. I thought it was just cuz of sucky internet connection, but I tried it just now on my brother's laptop (connected to the same internet) and it worked fine. I really want to use livestream again :/ can someone please tell me how to fix this? If its my computer, can someone help me fix that too? I've tried restarting, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling procaster. The only thing that actually works is webcaster, but I can't play music in my streams with that one..:/

ernielive 6th September 2012 13:23


Please provide the following information for us to better assist you:

Operating System
Any Hardware (Camera, capture card, etc) and how it's connected
Procaster version number (open preferences, click "i" in top right-hand corner)
Encoding bit rate/quality setting
Results of a speed test run to New York, NY at

YoruHi 6th September 2012 23:29

CPU, RAM: Not sure CPU, but RAM is 3.00 GB
Operating System: Windows 7
Any Hardware (Camera, capture card, etc) and how it's connected: Only a pen tablet attached by USB, and maybe iphone charger (not always)
Procaster version number: 20.3.0
Encoding bit rate/quality setting: Normal Quality (446 kbps)?
Results of a speed test run to New York, NY:

ernielive 10th September 2012 13:21


Could you please re-run the speedtest to New York, NY? You can do this directly at Please set your quality setting to at least 500kbps below your maximum upstream bandwidth. If your test to New York returns less than 900kbps I would advise streaming at mobile quality.

YoruHi 2nd October 2012 15:30

I did the new york speedtest and this was my result:
I have tried doing procaster in all settings before, even mobile, and none of them worked.

ernielive 13th October 2012 14:00

Your speed test is still being run to LA, instead of New York. After going to, [img=]click the point on the map over New York and select New York, NY[/img].

Additionally, you may want to update to the latest stable beta version, Procaster 20.3.10.

YoruHi 30th October 2012 23:00

Ok I think I did it right this time;

YoruHi 30th October 2012 23:11

Oh and the beta version doesnt work either, I just tried it.

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