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bswann 30th August 2012 14:02

Studio Upload times
Curious if there is anything that can be done to speed up the conversion of video files when uploading to the Studio. I have one presently converting and it is at 4% and has been converting for over an hour and says that it has 1944 hours left. While I know it will go faster what can the average user do to speed that process up?

ernielive 4th September 2012 15:39


Uploaded clips can sometimes hang on the transcoding process. To avoid the transcoding process altogether, we recommend exporting the uploaded clip at or below your channel settings. On free channels, this is locked to 400kbps video and 64kbps audio using the VP6 and MP3 codecs respectively. The setting can vary on premium channels depending on which you choose in your channel's configure section.

bswann 4th September 2012 19:01

So they need to be in VP6 and not H.264? That is probably why it takes so much longer. Is there any other info somewhere that gives tips for the studio?

ernielive 6th September 2012 12:49

VP6/MP3 only if you are not using one of the H.264 Beta channel settings. You can only make this change on premium channels, free channels are locked to VP6/MP3. More information can be found in our user guide.

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