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waclawton 29th August 2012 08:36

What exactly is a PRODUCER account?
Our church currently has a free livestream account. We are wanting to get rid of the ads so would like to order the 45.00 Producer account. Can someone explain what we get with the Producer account? Unlimited storage? Unlimited viewers? Etc.

Why such a cost difference in Producer vs. Premium?

Thank you!

ernielive 29th August 2012 11:00


New Livestream and Original Livestream are completely separate platforms. The $45 Producer plan is for use on only New Livestream, having a Producer account does not reflect on your Original account. For more information detailing the differences between the New and Original platforms, please see the following URL:

SPSRADIO 5th June 2013 19:37

We just bought the Basic account, and wanted it to upgrade the free account we have been using for a couple of years now. So your saying that they are separate accts, and cannot be merged?

If that is the do we use the new basic acct using the same name as the free acct?

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