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grunzy 28th August 2012 15:37

Constant Login Failed errors
Been using the same password since i started with the new livestream, but still off and on get the login failed error on both my computers. Not sure what the issue is. Help

ernielive 28th August 2012 16:56

This could be related to a network connection issue or network security such as a firewall. Could you post a screenshot of your upload bandwidth to New York, NY taken at Also, if you have any firewalls on the network, please allow access to ports 80 and 1935.

grunzy 28th August 2012 18:09

I am unable to post screenshot at this time (laptop doesnt have any word processing on it yet). This is a new laptop

The readings however are as follows:

Ping 26ms
Download 22.32mbps
Upload 2.80mbps

I will check on the ports in my firewall

grunzy 28th August 2012 19:58

All ports are open

ernielive 29th August 2012 10:54


Please be sure port 443 is open as well. You could also try re-installing the application. If that doesn't work (and you're using Windows) please try the following:

-Close Producer
-Open Command Prompt
-Type in: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
-Restart the computer
-Open Producer and try logging in

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