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MasterKengfa 26th August 2012 00:42

Livestream Chat issues.
When I am in Kilplixism's stream, I can see my own text, and the login button.
But nobody can see what I am saying even though I am logged in.

MasterKengfa 26th August 2012 00:46

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Here is the screencap

ernielive 28th August 2012 14:58


You could be chatting with a nickname as opposed to being logged in. What would happen if you clicked the login button and logged in with your account credentials?

Fate_wulluf 30th October 2012 21:18

sorry, this is my alternate account.

It takes my login fine, just doesn't consider me logged in. I just returns to the chat with the login button still there.

Fate_wulluf 30th October 2012 21:20

Others can't see my messages in one stream
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My account is fine for all but one streamer.

It says I am not logged in even though I am, and when I send my messages, nobody can see them.

Screencap to show what happens

I am logged in with my account but the login button stays on screen.

ernielive 1st November 2012 18:44


It appears you have been banned from the Kilplix channel. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do for you, you'll have to ask a moderator to unban you.

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