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arkiebass 14th August 2012 20:37

Streaming help for Canon Vixia R21
I am looking for a streaming set up for my Canon VIXIA HF R21. I don't care if its in HD or SD, just want to stream live basketball games over a WI-FI. I will hook it up into my Dell Laptop running Windows 7 home premium 2.20ghz with 2.0gb. The computer has usb, VGA, HDMI, and ESATA ports... My canon has HDMI, component, A/V, and usb outputs.

I will be hooking up to the schools Wi-Fi to stream the games. Tell me what I can do and what I need for this set up to happen.


ernielive 15th August 2012 12:49


For the hardware available to you, I would recommend connecting the camera to a Matrox MX02 device provided the laptop has an available PCIe ExpressCard/34 or ExpressCard/54 slot.

I would suggest encoding with Procaster, however that requires at least 4GB of RAM. Instead, you could use Flash Media Live Encoder to broadcast to your channel, which has a lower RAM requirement.

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