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LLAMAFUCKER5000 13th August 2012 19:54

Ban from viewing streams feature
Hello good sirs and ladies,
I've seen a post asking for a ban from viewing streams before (2 years ago) and it didn't get much attention. So instead of necro-ing that thread up, I decided to post a new thread.

The reason I am asking for such a feature is that a good friend of mine is having problems with a stalker. The friend is an artist and enjoys to stream to her also artist friends. Yet this person, who has creeped her out in many other ways, seems to be online watching her stream every day into the latest of hours. Now she wants this to stop without too much confrontation, so I'm here on her behalf asking for this feature.

ernielive 14th August 2012 17:55

Thanks for the feedback. I'll forward your request to our development team for consideration.

LLAMAFUCKER5000 16th August 2012 10:05

Much appreciated!

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