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SoftballCenter 7th August 2012 20:38

How do you make an Overlay clickable?
I was wondering how to make a banner overlay so that a viewer could click through?


ernielive 15th August 2012 12:50


Unfortunately, that is not an available option. Instead, you could use the ticker to display a click-through link.

FedNet 13th February 2013 14:03

Problems clicking thru in Safari
Tried clicking thru hyperlinked ticker text in Firefox and IE with no issues but apparently some viewers had no such luck, one specific complaint was with Safari. This is the only thread that seems to address this particular issue. Thanks!

ernielive 14th February 2013 11:55


Could you supply details such as operating system and version of Safari? I've just tested and was able to click through without an issue.

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