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streetwisedrift 1st August 2012 18:01

Action Motorosports Live from Multiple Camera's possible?
Just curious. I see how the livestream broadcaster can be used for single camera live action capture but how or what do we need so we can integrate multiple cameras switching while still live streaming wireless? Is there a receiver that can switch from individual broadcasters in the field on the track etc?


ernielive 2nd August 2012 16:10


At this time, the only option for a multi-camera solution with the Broadcaster is to connect the program output of a video switcher into the Broadcaster via HDMI.

XXXOffroad 30th September 2012 01:00

You need a camera with an HDMI output, like the Contour+ or Contour2 or a GoPro.

Connect the HDMI to a Wifi encoder.

You could use the Broadcaster or the Cerevo, a bit cheaper.

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