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DJ_T4NN3R 26th July 2012 22:12

Windows XP Audio solution
im using Procaster on a PC running Windows XP Service Pack 3, and i have been having the issue of feeding the audio coming from my computer back into Procaster to be sent to the live stream. ive been told that only Windows Vista and higher are able to access the "Speakers Audio" feature in the Audio Mixer of Procaster, and its true, obviously.

is there some kind of program online that will do this for me outside of Procaster? ive tried JACKaudio, but i cant figure out how to work it. :/

ernielive 27th July 2012 15:49

Aside from JACK Audio we recommend Virtual Audio Cable, however VAC is a paid program.

aaro_n 27th August 2012 01:08

erm downloaded Jack do you get it to work with procaster?

Kaytara 3rd September 2012 18:56

I'd very much like an answer to this, as well. :/

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