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ernielive 25th July 2012 16:04

Mac OSX 10.8 Install Error
When trying to install Procaster or Producer on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), the following error will be encountered:

This is due to the new Gateway feature that Apple has included in OS X 10.8 to prevent malware, viruses, etc. In order to install either of these applications, you should navigate to 'System Preferences' and click 'Security & Privacy'. The setting, highlighted in the image below, should be changed to 'Anywhere' to allow installation:

Once this change has been made both Procaster and Producer should install without any issues.

JacobSyndeo 9th August 2012 12:57

To keep the rest of the system safe, it's better to simply right-click on the Procaster installer package and select open. This will change the "OK" button on the warning dialog to "Open" and "Cancel" buttons. This way, you can install Procaster, but still have your system safe from potential malware.


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