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DelackMediaGroup 25th July 2012 14:53

How to Hide Toolbar and Chat Box
When going live with our desktop, the Procaster's chat box and toolbar (at the bottom of the screen) are showing in the stream. How do we hide these from the stream? None of the preferences seem to hide these. We're using Procaster version 20.3.0M on a MacBook Pro Mac OSX Version 10.7.

ernielive 26th July 2012 15:49


In Procaster's Preferences, click the Desktop tab and enable the 'Minimize Window When Broadcasting' option to automatically minimize the HUD and chat box upon beginning your broadcast.

DelackMediaGroup 26th July 2012 17:03

I also figured out another nice option. The minimize and maximize features allow you to select which part of your desktop screen you want to transmit. By using the crosshairs, we were able to remove those controls from sight in the stream.

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