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yulli 20th July 2012 22:05

Restoring a Deleted Channel
I deleted my channel "yulli", thinking I could make a new one with the Y capitalised. I had no idea Livestream would restrict access to it and even be case-insensitive. May I have the channel restored, preferably with a capital Y?


yulli 20th July 2012 22:23

Well, while I'm out here asking for help, is it alright to capitalise the Y in my username as well? This isn't editable through the account settings, so it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

yulli 23rd July 2012 22:24

It's been three days. This is a bump.

ruheed 23rd July 2012 22:34

Your channel has been restored.

lilyxuca 19th August 2012 10:39

Is it possible to restore my channel, lilyxuca, as well?

ernielive 19th August 2012 16:27


Your channel has been restored.

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