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nuknuk 19th July 2012 00:21

10.8 Mountain Lion Compatibility
Will you be releasing an updated app for OSX since the current one no longer operates correctly under Mountain Lion? All functionality is there, its just when you start streaming, all you transmit is a black screen with the mouse pointer (if you have the show mouse feature enabled.)

Thanks in advance for any help

opticbit 19th July 2012 22:29

Work Around
I have the same problem..
Have a work around till an update comes out

Install Many Cam.

Set manycam to capture desktop

set the procaster to use many cam.


Macbook Pro (2007) Core2Duo - Mountain Lion 10.8 12A269 GM

nuknuk 19th July 2012 23:45

I've tried many cam, but its blurry as hell.

coryfrans 25th July 2012 19:29

Hello All,

We have posted a new beta for OSX 10.8 that will fix your screen capture problems. Please visit for more information and to download.

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