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RonaldH 18th July 2012 17:46

Beta Procaster Release 20.3.25
We just released a Beta for Livestream Procaster for Windows.

Version 20.3.25
Release Notes:
-Fixed some small fixes with Blackmagic capture.

Download link

Version 20.3.22
Release Notes:
-Fixed crashes when Memory gets low
-Better stability when camera's have a fluctuating framerate
-Fixed disconnect/reconnect in Blackmagic cards and H.264 recorder
-Fixed several time issues with Blackmagic cards
-Removed "Matrox A/V Input" DirectShow device from the sources list.
-WAS (Vista and higher) Recording Fix (looping sound)
-Fixed an issue with the Microsoft Lifecam Cinema where it would stop streaming with extreme light changes
-Fixed audio format detection with certain BlackMagicDevices
-Removed NTSCp, PALp and 720p half-FPS video modes from the capture methods of Matrox capture devices
-Fixed camera settings storage
-Fixed a bug when the username on Windows is not in the English Alphabet.
-Added game rehooking (By default ctrl+f2)
-Fixed several game hooking (example games):
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Garry's Mod
Day of Defeat: Source
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2 Beta

Version 20.3.10
Release Notes:
-Fixed block game hotkeys in interactive game mode
-Fixed functionality with following games:
Counter-Strike: Source
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Garry's Mod
Day of Defeat: Source
Team Fortress 2
Dota 2 Beta

*Note: These Games do not stop broadcasting when you exit the game. To stop broadcasting with these games, use the "SHIFT+ESC" hotkey to end your broadcast then close your game

Version 20.3.8
Release Notes:
-Fixed Device rate so it correctly detects the correct device rate.

Version 20.3.7
Major changes
-Game hooking mechanism has changed, now you can press ctrl+f2 in game to hook to the current game. You can change this shortcut key in the preferences.
--A note on this, the new network valve game aren't working yet (like team fortress 2) we are looking into this to get it fixed.
-Fixed bug with non english channel names
-Fixed bug with non english windows user accounts
-Fixed bug with non english windows installations
-Fixed Matrox support (should install the 7.0.2 drivers!)
-Fixed webcamera timing issue when they have a high changing amount of FPS (Mainly with the Live Camera)
-Added frame gap when there are invalid timestamps from devices.
-Correcting BlackMagic timing when no signal detected.
-Fixed audio format detection on BlackMagic h.264 devices.

Minor changes
-Fixed bug with blackmagic h.264 recorder when there is no signal
-Fixed crash when there is not enough memory available
-Fixed an memory leak
-Fixed an recording loop

Best regards,


aspros69 14th October 2012 12:14

thank you very much indeed. It worked!

DeeShanger 26th October 2013 17:02

I love it & have been using Procaster for window for over 2yrs now @

Love the 5hr maximum recording time for it. Yarrrr!!!

DeeShanger 11th November 2013 22:16

Major flaw w/Procaster V.20.3.25
PS: it took some time, but I noticed a very major flaw. About 70% of the time, switching from screen to camera causes the stream to freeze & I sadly have to reboot.

Over the last 2+ yrs I've been using Procaster for windows in doing over 4000 streams, so i know what I'm doing. When this first happened I thought it was a virus in my laptop. But recently, I cleaned up my hard-drive & re-installed windows 7 home premium (I hate windows 8). But still, the problem persists, and have concluded its a flaw with the last batch of updates (20.3.25), cuz this never ever happens before. Pls fix this in the next batch of updates plz. This really does limit my production capabilities eh. I love Procaster cuz its the best darn LS-software ever built & is the best server ever. Ty for all ur hard work & hope this feedback helps.

Matthew_Holota 12th November 2013 08:58

Thank you for contacting Livestream.

Please open a new Support Ticket at with the full details of this issue, including your workflow and video device. We would very much like to help troubleshoot and resolve this issue for you.

Thank you for your patience.

DeeShanger 12th November 2013 14:23

Ty. Doing it now. Btw, we do have a Premium Acc't eh.

Dee Shanger
LS-director & LS-theorist

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