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MediaImages 15th July 2012 01:23

All cameras have the same name?
Using Livestream studio, I have three camera users logged in using Procaster with different usernames. They all provide input to a single channel that I control. In the camera sources panel, all the cameras have the same name, that is the channel name. How can I make the camera show the logged-in username?

MarshllingCam 16th July 2012 04:43

OK, so not much input on this.....can successfully make the cameras identify with a different name *ONLY* if each camera is connected via LiveStream Studio direct connection. All my cameras are supported under Procaster but can't be seen by Studio (even when Procaster isn't running). When connected via Procaster, they show up as the channel name and not the camera/username. VERY FRUSTRATING :(

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