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lifeisadesign 26th June 2012 12:32

Apple DVD Player Not Showing on Desktop Stream
Hello! I don't know if this issue has been brought up before, but when I try to stream a DVD I made and ripped to my Mac through Apple DVD Player, the video shows up as a checkerboard pattern. The window for the program is shown and audio can be heard through the stream, but the video is the only issue. Is this a known problem? Would there be a possible built-in copyright block into the Apple DVD Player somehow? It's my own DVD I created, so I'm just wondering if I need to explore other options. The file extension is '.dvd'. I have not tried the Mac VLC program, though I intend to later this evening. Thanks for your time!

ernielive 28th June 2012 11:18


The checkerboard pattern is a copyright protection measure. If there is a copyright protection option when creating the DVD, you should try disabling it.

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