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AikoNekoChan 16th June 2012 18:17

Error Connection Failed
I cant connect to Livestream, and its unusual because it always worked for me. Its not the first time I use livestream, I used it like 50 times before. But never happened this to me.

I try to connect like always and it says automaticaly Error, connection failed.

I tried redownloading the latest version, reboted the computer twice, but it keeps with the same issue, and I can connect perfectly on the web, its really strange.


Dark_Pillow 17th June 2012 08:33

Can't log onto procaster
So, I just downloaded procaster and all, but for some very odd reason it won't let me log onto procaster! I have tried to restart the program many times and restarted my computer, nothing helps. When I write my username and password and click the "log in" button there comes a message saying this: "Error - Connection failed". I am certain that the internet here is going just fine.

ernielive 17th June 2012 10:31

Please be sure you are entering the same exact credentials into Procaster as you use to login at Also, be sure there are no firewalls blocking the connection to our servers. If you have a firewall, you will need to allow access through ports 80 and 1935 in order for Procaster to connect.

ettosama 14th August 2012 13:04

i have the same issue as well
and im very sure that my internet connection is fine, firewall enables this app, and such...
everything was fine after checking
and also, i used livestream procasting for almost a year and nothing is wrong with it in the pass until now...
please help....:(

ernielive 15th August 2012 12:22


Where are you connecting from? Please run a speedtest to New York, NY at and attach your results.

Unkn0wngenius 19th August 2012 13:00

Same problem
I just downloaded the procaster and I have the same problem when trying to log in. I am sure that the username and password is correct. I ran that speedtest and it said download speed 95.98 Mbps and 63.13 Mbps upload speed. Any more tips on how to fix it?

ernielive 21st August 2012 17:11


You'll want to make sure you allow access to ports 80 and 1935 if you are behind a firewall. You could try re-installing the program, which sometimes fixes this issue. If you're on a Windows machine, you could also try the following:

-Close Procaster
-Open Command Prompt
-Type in: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
-Open Procaster and try logging in

gratv 1st September 2012 11:33

Problem conection
I cant connect to Livestream page and studio 4 days now. Also i cant stream...?
My internet connection is fine. I work 4 years (24/07) and this is hapent for first time...? can you help me?

oNatsuo 12th September 2012 21:53

Hello~ I have found a solution, please visit to see it, maybe it works for you~

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