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stiven8000 12th June 2012 23:24

play redirect to livestream channel page
I want to put my channel on a website but with autoplay disabled

what happens is that the viewers to click on "play" in the middle of the screen automatically redirected to the channel on the livestream page and do not want that to happen.

How do I make the viewers not to leave my web page to click on play?

I hope your answer.

athlon1 13th June 2012 12:11

You can not. Its the way the embeded code is written this was broad up a few years back, its seems its a random thing, it does not always do that on my site with the embeded code, it seems to do better(not redirecting you if you are using opera seems does it less) but I have tested all the browsers, it is an random thing. I have mine set up to not start automaticly too) leaving it to start automatically really can slow the webpage its on. So I prefer for views to click on either arrow to watch. So, its something you have to decide, which is worse for it to automatic direct to your livestream page, or have you website load slow, I prefer for my site with the embeded code is on to load as fast as possible, no one likes to go to a website and it loads slow! Just my two cents worth. Maybe with the new livestream-if they offer an embedding feature the code might work better, but not sure if the New Live stream plate form has this option or not.
Have a blessed day

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