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craigbeavers24 9th June 2012 18:07

Changing Display Name in Chat
I was wondering, I've seen people in livestreams being able to change their names in the chat. How do you do it?

ernielive 11th June 2012 13:04


You can log out of your current chat username by using the eject icon at the bottom right of the chat widget. You can then sign in with another name by clicking the pencil icon.

82yrVet 1st October 2012 16:28

I registered as 82yrVet...I need to change to #40bc72ef

ernielive 2nd October 2012 12:56

Unfortunately, once you create an account, your username can't be changed - you would have to create a new account with your desired user name. You could also chat with a nick name instead of logging in, using this method you can choose whichever name you'd like.

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