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Violet_Vixen 29th May 2012 16:03

Can't access channels, on a Preview Only Channel.
So earlier today, I started streaming some sprite editing, and the first thing I notice is that it cut out on me after 5 minutes, and it told me it would keep doing that because I was on a preview-only channel. Then, after I finished and got ready to end, it didn't ask me if I wanted to save the video.

I can't get to EITHER of my channels, only this awful preview-only channel. What happened to my channels? It was working JUST FINE a couple days ago, and one of my fellow livestream friends said she got her channels to work just fine.

ernielive 29th May 2012 17:28


Have you confirmed that neither of your channels can be selected via the drop-down menu next to the sign out button?

Violet_Vixen 29th May 2012 19:54

Yes I had, All I was getting was "Preview Only (Time Limit)". I had tried everything I could think of, from logging out-back in to resetting my browser and computer.

This is a few hours later after encountering the bug, and I went to check it again, and my other two channels somehow reappeared. Did you do something or was LiveStream just picking on me for the fun of it?

alexcasabon 11th November 2012 16:18

I am having the same issue here.

ernielive 12th November 2012 18:34


As we discussed over email, you should be using Procaster to broadcast to your Premium channel, not Livestream for Producers, which functions only with New Livestream.

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