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Nifur 18th May 2012 07:55

Recording sound of my nintendo wii
Hello i have connected my wii on my pc for stream games buy i have video ( with dscaler ) whereas not sound can record.

I have sound on my headset but i can t record this .

This sound have connected on "blue jack" its a rear sound.

Any idea or solution ?

Using windows 7.

mbaron 19th May 2012 11:04

Could you please further explain your workflow and let us know the exact video/audio capture device(s) you're using.

Livestream Support

Nifur 20th May 2012 16:27

OK , sorry for my english , im french.

I use a asus p5qse and connected sound on my wii :

I have sound on my speaer ( so its ok )

But i dont record this sound on procaster .

I choose on audio mix :

- Speaker
- Microphone
- Default
- Stereo mix

No sound recorded

mbaron 20th May 2012 17:17

Thank you for this info, but how exactly is the audio and video from your Wii coming into your computer?

Livestream Support

Nifur 21st May 2012 18:06

Connected with adaptater :

On blue jack.

Do you want some info ?

mbaron 22nd May 2012 16:45

I'd suggest bringing in your audio via the computer's 2.5mm microphone jack and let us know your results.

Livestream Support

Nifur 7th December 2012 08:12

Up i would like resolved my problem ( i have not try )

Look my screenshot :

I can use audio from my mic with audio from my wii ( on blue jack on my pc )

Help me plz

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