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punisher62690 16th May 2012 10:44

Horror gaming project
I'm going to start livestreaming survival/action horror games such as resident evil, fatal frame, silent hill etc. and I'm doing a little bit of self promotion and see how well it takes off. When I get a steady amount of viewers I'll come up with a schedule.
The current game I'm streaming is Fatal Frame 2: The Crimson Butterfly.
If anyone wants to tune in or wants to help me out with tips or game requests just leave a comment on my livestream page

(It is 9:43 central U.S time on the 16 of may currently and I'll be livestreaming momentarily if anyone reads this soon)

kirbywilson 12th June 2013 10:33

Oh, that is good to know,, I wish I can get ideas from you as you as I am also working on my zombie game project for and I am looking to have this done soon.

Techsultan 2nd September 2013 09:33

Good to hear that. I'm really into horror as well. I will stay tuned to this thread guys.

BTW nice site ;)

TechGuru3D 9th September 2013 13:25

I have subscribed to your channel and i am pretty sure i would love it....Lets hope for the best moments...;)

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