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powwows 30th April 2012 18:15

Help with Improving Stream
Looking for ways to improve the quality.

Take a look at this past weekend's webcast:

For this past weekend the video feed was from a TV crew. They have a 7 camera setup going through their truck then to me. Sound came from the hire sound engineers.

So the input was the best I could hope for.

How can I improve the quality of the output? Especially the motion? The fast dancing really causes some pixelatinig.

Here's how I'm doing it now.

I've tried two different setups.

First going straight from the Tricatser to livestream - as seen in the above example.

I've also (as recommended by Livestream) sent the feed to digital converter then to a laptop via firewire. Then to livestream via Procaster.

I don't have an endless budget or space to carry huge computers with me. But am looking for ways to improve.

Would using this:


Or do I need a beefier laptop?

Thanks for any advice!

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