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shrishjain 25th April 2012 13:54

how to stream desktop/system audio
I want to stream a movie on my desktop. I want to know how can I capture desktop, system audio and stream it.

ernielive 26th April 2012 09:49


You can do this by using Procaster ( in screen capture mode. In Procaster's preferences, go to the 'Audio' tab, then 'Audio Mixer' and be sure Speaker's Audio is selected as the input source.

shrishjain 26th April 2012 12:52

Thanks. And would there be a time limit to broadcasting, or i can broadcast for infinite time?

ernielive 26th April 2012 12:54


There is no streaming time limit, however recordings in your studio are capped at 5 hours.

shrishjain 4th May 2012 17:07

Sorry I am confused. By "recordings in your studio are capped at 5 hours."- does that mean recording by the camera. In my case I will capture the desktop.

mbaron 5th May 2012 11:48


The five hour recording limit is the maximum length a recording can be on our servers. If you wish to broadcast longer you can, however you'll need to re-cue the source from within Studio and initiate the recording again.

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shrishjain 7th May 2012 18:01

If I do not record, and just boradcast - is there still any timelimit?

ernielive 8th May 2012 10:18


There is no limit on broadcasting, only recording.

robedhapa 26th December 2012 23:41

I'm having an issue following this step. I'm on OS X and I've downloaded and signed into my account on Procaster, but there isn't an icon to stream my desktop. It only shows my built-in webcam as an option. I tried reinstalling Procaster to make sure it was up to date, but it didn't solve anything.

ernielive 31st December 2012 11:26


You can stream your desktop by selecting 'No Camera' as your input source when you go live.

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