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GaryMthrfkinOak 19th April 2012 18:29

Programmaticaly modify ticker
Is there a programmatic method to either edit the ticker's text or force it to update it's rss data? This can be with the API or otherwise. I'm trying to automatically update the ticker with relevant information and I think I've hit a brick wall.

ernielive 22nd April 2012 14:45


At this time there is no way to update the ticker automatically, it can only be done through Studio.

UKAnon 22nd December 2012 12:45

how? following the instructions and syntax in studio doesn't work ie...


and yes, I have added a carriage return both before and after this line

ernielive 26th December 2012 10:36


The RSS function is a little finicky. It doesn't accept the URL you've supplied, but running that URL through feedburner and putting that into the ticker works just fine. Have you tried this as a solution?

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