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FerefAV 11th April 2012 18:36

Problem with the new.livestream API
Hey there,

I'm using the flash video player to stream video and it's all working pretty smoothly as long as I hit an original livestream channnel ( ...) But as soon as I try to stream a channel from the version, it either display a message as what the channel has been deleted or that the channel doesn't exist at all?

The API I'm targetting is this one:

I tried different channels and only those coming from didn't work.

What am i missing?


benhomer 12th April 2012 10:06

The original Livestream APIs will work only with original Livestream channels. APIs for the New Livestream service have not yet been released.

Livestream Support

irocke 11th June 2012 15:37

Ben when will the APIs for the new.livestream be released?

Is this why the upcoming events data for many channels are not returning currently scheduled events?

benhomer 11th June 2012 17:42

We don't have an ETA at this time. The APIs for original and New Livestream are independent so you would not be able to get event info for New Livestream using the original APIs or vice versa.

Livestream Support

irocke 9th September 2012 17:45

Any update on ETA for APIs for thanks.

ernielive 10th September 2012 17:22


No ETA on New API just yet. To stay up to date with news and new releases for the New platform, I would recommend following Livestream at

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