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JustGLiTcH 3rd April 2012 05:23

Annotations in procaster
Currently the webcaster doesnt recognise my capture card, so i have to use procaster and record whats on my desktop. I think being able to add annotations on the screen (kinda like on youtube videos) would be pretty cool, and could make videos more interactive. For example, if you had a birdbox stream you could have an annotation that takes you to a page that tells you all about the bird species you are watching, which would have good educational benefits

ernielive 3rd April 2012 10:49


Using the Studio together with Procaster will allow you some of these features. Studio has many graphic overlay options, from titles and ticker to full screen graphics. Please review the section in our user guide at the following URL to see if this could be solution for what you are trying to accomplish.

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