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marigee 25th March 2012 17:15

Can't do a twitcam

I'm having trouble when trying to do a twitcam cause it keeps sayin 'connection problem'. I tried with other twitter account and it worked.
Why can't I do it with my main twitter account that I've always used to do twitcams?
Pleasee someone answer me!

ernielive 27th March 2012 16:10


What is the twitter account you are attempting to broadcast from? Also, please provide your upload bandwidth from with the destination server set to New York, NY.

marigee 27th March 2012 16:34

The account is @HeyLiamBaby. I try to do a twitcam everyday and it still says 'connection problem'. Is this a problem from twitter or livestream?

ernielive 28th March 2012 12:06


I do not see a Twitcam account tied to your Twitter handle. Head over to and log in with your Twitter credentials, and if you experience the same issue please take a screen shot and post it here.

marigee 28th March 2012 12:36

1 Attachment(s)
Here it is the print scree. This is what happens whenever I try to do a twitcam...

ernielive 28th March 2012 17:17


Can you go to and run a test to the destination server of New York, NY and let me know what your upload speed is? Have you tried using Twitcam on another network, or try connecting to Twitcam on your same network with a different Twitter handle?

marigee 30th March 2012 08:00

Here are my results after speedtest
I tried to do a twitcam using another network and I tried using a different acount and it worked. Guess it's a problem in my account :/

Charlie_Rbt 31st March 2012 14:09

I have the same issue !! I'm @Charlie_Rbt

shiirosnuts 8th April 2012 06:44

twitcam problem
Hello all,
i have a problem right now, i'm french and i would like to start a TwitCam but when i go on the broadcast page, the cam-window load and then says me "connection problem".
a friend tried w/ his account on my computer and it works.
can you guys fix my account?
my account is @ShiirosNuts

ernielive 8th April 2012 09:52


Are you behind any firewalls? Please run a speed test at with your destination server set for New York, NY and include a screen shot of the results.

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